Participants must have an active AMA membership for the release to be accepted. Prior to submitting the request, you MUST first verify that the individual has an active AMA Membership and their profile includes an email address and date of birth. The date of birth submitted with the Smartwaiver application MUST match the date of birth in the member’s profile. (Waivers will not be processed if DOB does not match).

To verify the information in your AMA membership profile, you will need to go to Once logged in, under the “My Info” tab, select the “pencil” icon. This will allow you to update your personal information. Be sure to click the “update” button if you made any changes.

Upon submission of the electronic waivers, you will receive a confirmation email that you should save for your records. A digital release card will be emailed to the address(s) used in submitting through Smartwaiver and the email address in the individual’s AMA membership profile.

Annual Release Cards are only active for the current calendar year and will expire every year on December 31.

The current processing time is 2–3 weeks. The beginning of the racing seasons sees an influx of submissions, so a longer turnaround may occur. 


Both Parents/Guardians Version — This version requires each parent/guardian to sign and submit a form individually to complete the process.

Electronic Annual Minor Release Form

Sole Custody Version — This version requires the parent/guardian with legal sole custody to sign and submit one form to complete the process.

Electronic Annual Minor Release Form 




We will be utilizing a new scoring system. Everyone will be required to purchase a helmet transponder that is compatible with the RACE READY scoring system. This is a one time purchase of $10.00 and the transponder is a sticker that attaches to the visor of your helmet. Please utilize the online signup feature to make Sunday Morning go smooth and start on time. 

Saturday Aug 21st

 Over The Hill Gang Racing on Main Track Saturday. No Track run practice. Gates open at 7:00am gates Close 7:00pm.

Overnight Camping-$20.00 + Sunday Gate Fees $10.00 per person

Sunday Aug 22nd

Gates open at 6:00 am,  Gate fee is $10.00 per person, 

Practice Starts at 8:00 am

SoCal MX Racing starts immediately following Practice on the main track.

Please make sure that you review and take a picture of  the Rider's Instructions and Practice Schedule when you check in at sign ups.



AMA Registration & Renewal

AMA sign ups, renewals AND Minor Releases are now done online at the following link. Please utilize this feature prior to coming to the track. Be sure to print or save the receipt it will display at the end of the transaction.

It's been a great Summer Series comeback after taking Covid 2020 off. Our regulars came back. Many new racers and their families joined our MX family. A new scoring system that tested everyone's patience but turned out to be a great thing. New vendors who joined us, you all rocked. So many other reasons our family is thankful today. Whether you raced 1 or 7 rounds, whether you just came to watch or hang out, we are thankful for all of YOU. Huge props to our staff and to some that just jumped in because we needed help.

Special thanks to Derek Hernandez, Laurie Benesh, George Andrews, Dave Lutz and his extraordinary son in law Xavier, Sammy Benesh, Nicole our finish line flagger and time keeper, Marty Barratt who saw a need and filled it, Jay Young who always answers the call, Greg Call, and so many more I can't mention everyone by name. Please know we consider you, our staff and riders, our MX family. Without you all, none of this happens.
From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.
Dane & Debbie Evans