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To all our supporters over the years.

We’ve been part of this Series for many years. This Series was started by the D37 desert clubs in 1998 as something to do during the off-summer months. We began as volunteers as it was something we could do together as a family.  Our son was a teenager and we loved our weekends with friends living the desert racing life, so why not try MX? This thing called motocross became an important part of who we grew to be. We have enjoyed all our moto families over the years. It is truly a thrill and makes us proud to see men who started on 50s & 65s race with us as grown men, who bring their own children to follow in their footsteps. There are some very important people to thank for their many years of guidance & support. All our Sponsors, past & present, big or small, but especially Tim Olson, who has stuck with us for 10 years whether he raced or not. Our loyal staff, especially Derrick Hernandez, our muscle, part of the brains of this Series and our I.T. guy, Laurie Benesh, who did whatever was asked for the past five years, Sandy Hernandez for her years in the sun counting laps, many more who have come & gone. Most importantly, Jim Olson, our partner in crime. When D37 ran out of interested volunteers and this Series was going to die 7 years ago, he stepped in with us and together the three of us were able to welcome back our regular racers and their families. New moto families ended up meeting desert families and now have a wonderful life in many faucets of racing. They have all created their own racing families & we love seeing them grow up together. We pride ourselves for having provided a safe & fun family environment to enable the kids to grow & learn about the importance of good sportsmanship in all aspects of life. Growing up in a racing environment teaches responsibility and compassion for others.

We cannot continue the point of this post without remembering those that came before us. The Founders of this Series in 1998. Some whose names we don’t remember but whose ideas are the bones of this Series. Rich Caselli and then Kurt. Kurt jumped in with both feet when his dad passed away and with Greg Meyers, had big plans for this Series. Nancy, who always held this Series in high regard and was there for whatever we needed. Toni & Butch Nelson; what would we have done without her encyclopedic mind when it came to motorcycles, scoring and the rules? Sandy & Bill Howell; always our AMA support. Bill’s knowledge & history is a treasure. Willie & Marge Eveland; Willie taught us how to deal with certain issues in a “special way.” Between Toni, Sandy & Marge, they taught us all about how to score races on carbon paper forms. Tom Marshall; a walking historian, our Rovers family, our Four Aces family and our entire MX family. The moms, dads & grandparents who all stepped up when we were shorthanded. You were with us for some great times and very importantly, in times of tragedy. If you aren’t mentioned here, it is not intentional and we hope you ALL know how much you have been appreciated. 

This was a long-winded post, but to the point. We now have 14 grandchildren spread across this country. We will be showing up again in the desert, once in awhile a GP and some MX events supporting other promoters. There are some really good ones out there who we believe have their hearts in the right place and do it well. Please support them.

Time for us to be spectators, spend time with family & non-racing friends, and maybe once in a while host a one-off race just to benefit a charity or maybe as an excuse to see all of you. It is time to retire the SoCal MX Series and it is our turn to turn the page in life. We love and appreciate all of you and we will be watching and rooting for you from the sidelines!

 Dane & Debbie