We are happy to announce that Pyrotection Specialists will be our presenting sponsor once again in 2019. We are continuing to seek sponsors of all different levels to help defray expenses and subsidize scholarships and year-end awards. Companies interested in series sponsorship may call our Series Chairman, Dane Evans at (805) 531-9551 or our Vice Chairman, Jim Olson at (562) 225-0429. Sponsors appear on all of our advertising material such as, website, flyers, postcards, social media, etc. 

Welcome back to returning sponsors, Fly Racing, WPS, EVS, Pyrotection Specialists Inc., MadJack Diesel Performance, PPE Diesel, Simi Cycles, MadJack Racing, Noleen J6 Suspension,

We experienced fantastic results and feedback to the class structure for 2018. We are retaining our classes that match the AMA Youth and Amateur class structure so more of you racers will earn advancement points with AMA. If you have run our series in the past your class is still there it may have had a little different language or age and engine size info added to it. There will be a competition motorcycle class for just about everyone, including those who are just riding for fun. If you don’t see the class your looking for on this website, just know that three riders makes a class at any race. Bring your friends and have your own class.

For the 2019 season we are keeping the 85cc open class which is an open race to give the 85cc racers a second class to participate in. As always your second class in a day is only $20.00. There are no AMA advancement points in this open class as it is a support class but we want you racers to be able to race more than one class on the race day. In the 65cc Limited division your open class (so to speak) will be the 7-11 Limited class which does pay AMA points.