We adhere to strict safety rules. There is to be NO JUMPING on a yellow flag situation. If a rider jumps while a yellow flag is present, you risk receiving a DQ for that Moto.

#1 Plates are not awarded to each skill level. Series trophies will be presented to the top 1st – 3rd finishers in each ability level. All Expert, Amateur and Novice skill level riders are eligible to win a #1 series plate if they win their respective division. Example; an Amateur level rider may win the open division on points because the next closest expert may not have raced 4 rounds or scored enough points to earn the most points in that division. This is also another reason to race all rounds in the series because every rounds score is counted towards the championship in your class & division unless we have a drop round.

AMA Amateur Rulebook to be followed and AMA membership is required.






Points will be earned based on the points chart. For the Winter Series in 2022/2023 ALL 5 rounds will count toward series championship. To be eligible for series end awards you must race 4 rounds minimum. An AMA number 1 plate will be issued only in the Winter series to the top points finisher completing a minimum of 4 races in the AMA Sanctioned classes or divisions but not in Support Classes or divisions.

AMA plates are awarded in the following AMA approved divisions:
51cc 4-8 Shaft Drive Limited, 51cc 4-6 Jr Limited, 51cc Sr 7-8 Limited, 65cc 7-9 Limited, 65cc 10-11 Limited, 85cc 9-11 Limited 85cc 12-13 Limited, 85cc 14-15 Limited, Supermini AMA, Schoolboy 1 12-17 B/C, Schoolboy 2 14-16 B/C,  250cc, Open, Vet 25+, Vet 30+, Senior 40+, Super Senior 50+, Master Senior 60+, Girls Jr, Girls Sr, Women 12+

We need to minimize contact at sign ups so please utilize the online signup feature. If you have an issue with signing up online, please email us ahead of time at socalmxseries@gmail.com. Sign ups will open the day prior to each event for race check in purposes, turning in or signing releases, purchasing and/or testing transponders. If you are there the day before, please utilize this opportunity. Sign ups and check-in on race morning for the above purposes start when the gates open unless otherwise noted. 

Riders are responsible for any incorrect race entries. If you choose the wrong skill level, event, engine size or forget to list your AMA number, this may result in you not being scored . PLEASE ASK FOR HELP.

All riders must present their AMA card at signups. This is in addition to entering it during the online sign up process for verification purposes. Use of shared AMA cards will result in mandatory disqualification. If you need to purchase AMA Membership, please see the AMA registration line at sign-ups or, click on the purchase or renewal link on the home page of this website.

Please be sure to review and take a picture of the RIDER'S INSTRUCTIONS and the PRACTICE SCHEDULE AT SIGN-UPS. THERE WILL BE NO RIDER'S MEETING on race morning unless otherwise called for the day of the race. Make sure you read the Rider's Instructions they are your riders meeting as important rules are discussed and will be enforced. It is each rider's responsibility to read the rider's instructions and know the rules.

Minors must have a parent or legal guardian with an AMA Annual Minor Release or the appropriate Day of AMA Minor Release present to complete the signup process-THIS IS AN AMA RULE. Each entry form for a minor will require a minor release form. Save time - obtain an AMA Annual Minor Release card.

Membership Fees: There will be NO series membership fee for 2023. Thank you to our series sponsors for making this possible. Please support those sponsors that support any of our series.

Winter Series Awards: To be eligible for any of our series end points and trophies you MUST race half of the Series plus 1 round. The winter series will be 5 rounds you must race a min of 4 rounds and ALL 5 rounds count towards Series-End awards.

Race Fees: $50.00 per class for the first entry and $30.00 for each additional class raced in the same day excluding the 51cc's. The entry fee for 51cc’s is $40.00 and $20.00 for each additional class raced. You need a RaceReady Transponder to be scored.

Scoring & Transponders: The SoCal MX Series uses the RaceReady Live Timing and Scoring System. This system allows for live timing during races uses a transponder that sticks to the underside of your visor the cost is $10.00. This is a one time purchase per unique rider. Unless you lose, damage, lose your visor or otherwise disable your first transponder you should never need a second one unless said rider uses multiple helmets. All second time or lost transponder purchases will be $10.00.

Gate fees: Gate fees and camping fees vary at each facility. The SoCal MX Series does not have any say in said fees and are separate from entry fees.

Practice: will start at 8:00 am. Online entry is highly recommended. If you do not sign up online you are the reason we don't start on time. Online entry closes at 9:00 am the day of the race. You will be able to sign up electronically on race morning.  If signing up the day of the race, please get to the track with enough time to get in the gate and get signed up for racing. Racing starts immediately following the conclusion of practice unless otherwise noted.

Practice rules are as follows; Regular scheduled practice will be timed practices. There will be separate late practices of 2 laps for both big bikes and for the 65-85cc bikes. Obtain a practice schedule from sign-ups.

Parking: Please follow ALL parking & camping rules at each facility and do not park in Vendor Row or block any emergency access areas. You may be cited or towed.



Please read the following inFOrMATION carefully AS it applies to ALL rounds and series of the SOCAL MX series.

We do not assign numbers. Numbers are “run what you brung” on a first-come, first-served basis. You may run whatever numbers you wish unless a rider racing that season has previously entered one of our series races with that same number. You will then be asked to change or modify your number. For Round 1, riders who raced the prior year will receive preference if two racers have the same number.

You must run the SAME number you start the series with on three sides of your bike during the entire series for series points & awards. If your bike breaks down and you are changing bikes, YOUR ORIGINAL BIKE NUMBER MUST BE AFFIXED TO THE REPLACEMENT BIKE. It is also imparitive that you notify scoring of the change in bikes.