Order Mylaps X2 Transponder


You asked for it and we listened. Transponders have been phased into this SoCal MX Series.

The best part about the the Mylaps X2 transponder? It is the same one used at all AMA sanctioned Amateur motocross races across the country. It is also used by Transworld MX, Glen Helen (REM & SRA races, etc.), and at all X2 Promotions races (Mammoth & Loretta Lynn qualifiers). Besides ensuring accurate scoring, an additional benefit is that with the transponder system, you will also be able to get your lap times and also those of your competition.


We recommend that you purchase and own your transponder to save on rental fees and having to wait in line to check one out, leaving behind your identification and credit card. Owning your own transponder will also save you a tremendous amount of time at sign-up on race morning. We have transponders available for sale using the "Buy Now" option below. Buying direct from Mylaps online will cost you $109.35 + shipping fees. Purchasing your transponder through the SoCal MX Series will save you $9.35+shipping fees when you choose to purchase direct from us. The price to all who race with the SoCal MX Series is just $100.00, plus tax, with no shipping fees.

We will have a limited number of rental transponders available for a $10.00 rental fee per race day. To rent a transponder, you will need to leave a credit card or $100.00 cash deposit and your drivers license as security. Provided you return your rental transponder at the end of the day, you will receive your security deposit back promptly upon return at the end of the race day. We will also have extra transponder cages available for purchase ($10.00) for those of you who race two bikes and would like to just move your transponder from bike to bike, or if you happen to break or lose a cage.